Custom Manjaro Kernels for Gaming

Manjaro kernels should include the patch for VFIO as well as the extended futex calls that Valve recently talked about so that users don't need to go through the hassle of trying to do it themselves and people new to Linux won't have to jump through hoops to play games unavailable on Linux on a VM or get that extra performance.

Linux-VFIO Patch:
Linux-Fsync Patch:

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The more specific you can be the better, e.g. can you provide a link to the patches you're referring to?

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from what I read, Valve submitted them to the mainline kernel for review and if it passes the review, will be pulled into the mainline kernel, so the Manjaro Kernel will contain it sooner or later anyway.


and in that:


I apologize. My post has now been updated.

Really? I sure hope so! This would benefit a lot of people. It is nice to see Valve pushing for Linux gaming.

I think it would be better to wait for the patches to be included upstream, seems that discussion is still ongoing.
Better not rush these too early.

Valve provides prebuilt (Arch) kernels with the patches in their repo by the way.

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they contribute heavily to mesa and llvm, and also to the kernel. That's how Opensource / Linux works.

I would be in favor of having the fsync patched kernel, as to me Manjaro is kinda oriented towards gamers this can be a good thing to have a fsync patched kernel available for install.

For those who are interested in a gaming Kernel with the latest Fsync patches, you could try out my Kernel build which is based on linux-gc. I'm testing the BMQ Scheduler with Fsync patches since about 6 months and personally feel that this is the best Scheduler for gaming. Have fun! And remember, You get to keep the pieces if it breaks! :wink:

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