Custom plasma shortcut to run a simple bash script

I'm trying to make a custom shortcut via the plasma custom shortcut module to run a simple bash script but I am having issues with making it correctly fire.
If I set the shortcut action to "dolphin" or such it correctly fires (dolphin opens), but if I point it to a script file nothing seems to happen and I don't get why. I have set execution permissions on the file.
The script works if I run it from the command line.

[gianni@gianni-macmini scripts]$ pwd
[gianni@gianni-macmini scripts]$ ls -lh 
-rwxr-xr-x 1 gianni gianni 30 11 gen 12.16
[gianni@gianni-macmini scripts]$ cat 
echo something > testfile.txt
[gianni@gianni-macmini scripts]$ ls
[gianni@gianni-macmini scripts]$ ./ 
[gianni@gianni-macmini scripts]$ ls

attivazione azione

I'd greatly appreciate some help.

tried this, the script works, just in wrong path
the script would write to ~, not your scripts dir


Oh, that was a decisive hint, thank you for that!

I have to add that in order to make the script work (besides from putting the full path in the script) I also had to modify the action from "/home/gianni/scripts/" to "sh /home/gianni/scripts/".

I guess that was it, thank you again for your help.

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