Custom resize and move keyboard shortcuts in settings

Hello, I am new to the whole Linux game. I've been looking for the right settings to assign keyboard shortcuts to to specific window actions like moving it to monitor one, resizing and moving it so it fills the left third of the monitor. I've tried to find a solution for a couple of hours now but no topic I found solved my issue. I've seen different solutions but either the settings were not in my settings because the interface and layout changed or they used scripts. I would use scripts but i thought that there must be a way to do that in the settings. I hope somebody can help me. If this has been answered many times before I am very sorry, just trying to get a hang of the whole custom thing with manjaro.

Hello, all shortcuts in KDE PLasma are defined in Settings > Shortcuts
The specifics you mention are in the KWin tab. There should be a long list.


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