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I have been a linux user for many years and had used various operating systems. I used to be very keen on many things, but, in the last 8 years life had been busy for me so I was just going by the defaults. Going by the guided update managers for ubuntu/debian. Well I am back relearning arch and bsd again. I have become dissapointed with how less independant some operating systems have become. Anyway I really love how manjaro is easy to use so I can take my time learning again and What I am doing right now is configuring doom. Freedoom does not want to install I got gzdoom to work. Ill get there with it. I notice for me I like the convienience of not having to type my password to log in. I miss pacman and pkg install, also, installing the ports it is much faster. installing this was simple straightforward and fast. I am using the xfce desktop edition. what did you all focus on configuring after you did the install. Looking forward to making friends here.



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Thanks Dalto. Appriciate it!

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