Data on secondary drive / partition being treated like it's on the main drive

Roommate went to do the 4 updates he had today and was promptly told not enough disk space. He has a 256 gig M.2 drive just for Manjaro KDE. He had it at about 45 gigs being used for Manjaro and other than the boot partition the drive was free space. The other day while I was doing disk operations for him I noticed that the free space on the Manjaro partition way a bit low so I expanded it to almost 70 gigs. which should of given him plenty of room, but as sated above today when doing his updates he was told he didn't have enough space. I tracked down the issue to the content in Torrents being seen as if it was on the OS drive. I have since gone in and shank and moved two partitions on the Torrents drive and gave the newly freed space to the Torrents partition, and then Stretched his Manjaro install to use the remainder of his OS drive. I'm not in the mood to play with it any more today, but would like input on what might of cause the OS to see data on a partition on a separate drive as being on the OS drive. If it helps Torrents are mounted as below. Thanks


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