Dbus update on unstable (&testing) branch breaks dbus (2016-08-28)

pacman -Syyuu is downgrade.

I was wondering already elsewhere on forum where you guys get this command from? Wrong wiki entry?

Just ignore it and install dbus-openrc. Date versions are treated as newer by pacman.

Yes, I have used the downgrade command on occasion, but rarely ever have to. I understand it's usage
I will manually install the package. Thank you @artoo.

Best regards.

I just saw a new update for dbus-openrc that wants to reinstall dbus and libdbus 1.10.8--what's going on there, @artoo?

And it seems testing is getting updates with unstable. I need to ask about that...

Tbh, I have no idea, I had updated testing yesterday, and now testing has again the old package.
something must have gone wrong when packages were moved from unstable to testing. It wasn't me.

NetworkManager-console has been updated today in both unstable and testing and I encountered a problem on unstable when I did the update...could not connect to my wireless network. The network was showing but no contact. I didn't do much troubleshooting, but did downgrade NetworkManager-consolekit to the previous version and my wireless began working as normal.
I thought I would give a heads up.

I should have started a new topic, as this is a different problem, but the update arrived in both unstable and testing at the same time.

Best regards.

It worked fine for me on laptop with wireless when testing.


Phil reset it, because testing still has dbus-1.10.8

Thanks. I'll just keep the dbus-openrc I have. Something strange is going on with testing...

The new NetworkManager-consolekit worked fine for me also.

I'll have to reinstall the new version on my unstable branch system and see if I can figure out whats causing the issue. Downgrading NetworkManager-consolekit restored my connection, so it's something in the new package that's not agreeing with me.

I agree @cimarronline...something seems amiss in testing.

Best regards.

On testing and systemd. Also had :

Replace libdbus with core/dbus? [Y/n] y
warning: mhwd-nvidia: local (1:370.23-1) is newer than core (1:367.44-1)

Packages (28) dbus-1.10.10-3  diffutils-3.5-1  elfutils-0.167-1
              ffmpeg-1:3.1.3-1  glib2-2.48.2-1  ldb-1.1.27-1
              lib32-libcurl-gnutls-7.50.1-4  lib32-libdbus-1.10.10-3
              lib32-libnl-3.2.28-1  libcurl-gnutls-7.50.1-3
              libdbus-1.10.8-1 [removal]  libelf-0.167-1  libevdev-1.5.4-1
              liblouis-3.0.0-2.1  libnm-glib-1.4.0-1  man-db-2.7.5-4
              manjaro-documentation-20160829-1  manjaro-release-16.08-1
              manjaro-welcome-20160828-1  mpv-1:0.20.0-1
              networkmanager-1.4.0-1  nfs-utils-1.3.4-1
              nm-connection-editor-1.4.0-1  pacman-mirrorlist-20160829-1
              pamac-4.1.3-2  pango-1.40.2-1  tdb-1.3.10-1  tevent-0.9.29-1

Then I also ran -Syuu for the nvidia downgrade (dont have nvidia anything anyways)

Is it safe to reboot ? Or am I still waiting and sitting on this session til a fix drops ?

There's a 50/50 chance that it'll reboot.:smirk:

Best regards.

yeah. well. wish i woulda seen this thread earlier :sweat:

I don't know if the dbus thing affects systemd init....I had the issue with dbus-openrc.

Best regards.

Kinda seemed that way .. but now I'm scared. I think Ill wait to sacrifice an old floppy disk by moonlight, turn round 3 times and reboot in morning...while quietly muttering the entirety of the GPL.


I had no problem with this on my plasma systemd system.

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Waited for my server to sync and then when it was, ran -Syyu and was greeted with :

warning: dbus: local (1.10.10-3) is newer than core (1.10.8-1)
warning: lib32-libdbus: local (1.10.10-3) is newer than multilib (1.10.8-1)

I hadnt spotted this, updated… rebooted stops at tlp. Tried downgrading still will not boot. On my phone. Systemd and unstable - how do i fix, i have no wireless so have got a cable out so have internet now

I just switched to unstable, updated, and booted fine. I have network-manager-applet held at 1.0.10-1 as per this bug - Network Manager Applet Error after Suspend - but otherwise nothing odd.
For network, have you tried

systemctl restart NetworkManager.service

Maybe downgrade network-manager-applet or networkmanager itself
(1.4 seemed to have issues all over arch forums ... try 1.2.x)
For dbus . please

sudo pacman-mirrors -g
yaourt -Syyu

Let me know output.

Edit - oo look at this:

I have no idea why we now have systemd and NM on openrc dedicated subforum on dbus.
Seriously people, this is only confusing.

Sorry - didn't not notice it. Was very late last night when this happened and searched and found this.

I fixed ( and screwed up something else due to bleary eyes) by downgrading dbus.

But my machine was also reporting dbus-openrc conflicts which was confusing me.

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