Dead Maze is back, but crashes on start.

So I reinstalled Dead Maze after seeing new commits on the reviews on Steam. However the game crashes after I launch said game.

I get this error when trying to Execute in Terminal:
Failed to execute Child. Failed to execute child process "/***" (No such file or directory)

I even tried to rename the folder but no dice. I'm thinking the Steam version isn't no longer supported, but maybe I need to start Steam with special arguments like I did with Beyond Earth to play that game.

The Web flash version works, but is slow.

Nevermind. I got the game to work by following a thread talking about the same problem. Here is the fix:

"I faced the same problem and solved it in the following way:

  1. Install pango-legacy[] from AUR
  2. Set game launch options:
    LD_PRELOAD=/opt/pango-legacy/usr/lib/ %command%
  3. Run game"

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