Dear Admins: Is my account banned?

I had an account on these forums and my username was "trymeout" I also had a few topics one of them being this. Which now when you go to it says "Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private." What has happened? Was I banned? What did I do? Is this a glitch? I did not get an email that I was banned?

I tried to log in and it is like my account never existed.

I am not an admin, so I can't explain what happened. I see that the thread you cite has been cached by Google:

However, the forum no longer displays this thread and does not display your user information:

I have the same problem here:

I think, it is false configuration of the forum.

When a post is flagged by the system - it gets into a review queue.

When a post makes no sense - it is flagged as spam - and when reviewed it gets deleted and the user to.

I can see from the logs that I have deleted a post in the review queue flagged as spam and in deleting that the user was deleted too.

What can be learned from this is

Make meaning full topics - don't use images - take the time to describe the issue with words.

Take the time to proof read your post - the system flags posts where big chunks of text are pasted and then submitted within seconds - as spam - because no human can write that fast.


Ok, I did have images trying to describe my feature request. I will make another post not using pictures but instead describing the request in detail.

I would of been nice to at least get an automated email telling me my account as banned and why it was banned.

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