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I am new to Pinebook Pro with kde Manjaro. I know it may not be the ideal tool for it but I'd like to set up a deep learning framework for development and testing purposes, not necessarily full scale training. I have found a couple of Keras packages and OpenCV on pacman but that is not enough to create a neurall network. Is there a working deep learning framework that I can install? Any ideas?


I personally use PyTorch for deep learning, which you can directly install with pacman (with or without CUDA), Tensorflow is also avaiable on pacman. Or you can download darknet sources and compile it.
Btw, what do you mean by "this is not enough to create a neural network" ? You can easily do it with keras.

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Thank you for your response. I am using Pinebook Pro, which has an ARM processor. So there is not yet a compatible PyTorch or Tensorflow version with pacman. There are only keras-applications and keras-applications and keras-preprocessing packages. There is also OpenCV package I can find. If I could install Keras packages, that would be great.

Ok I see,
I guess you cannot install any packages with pip or conda then ?
Otherwise you can try to compile PyTorch (or any other opensource framework) from source, instructions are on their github

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