if you feel like playing you could

i've done it without that guide in the past on one of @ant 's older deepin iso's just to see how it would go but it would probably be considerate to at least use it as @ant made it for at least a short while and provide some feedback.

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Just testing a new ISO:


  • deepin-file-manager (replaces dolphin)
  • gedit (replaces kate)
  • fixed custom wallpaper at boot
  • deepin-quake (dropdown terminal) assigned to zero key on number pad
  • added xf86-video-intel
  • backend tweaks
  • reduce tray icons size

seems to be working just fine, will test for a few more days, if all is well I will upload to sourceforge



Replace Dolphin ? Dems feudin words . Just kidding .:laughing: I'm enjoying one of your earlier iso's .

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So your the one... :rofl:

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You know I'm still "test-using" your Archdeepin iso, @ant . :grin:

But like I told you before, I don't really like the accessory apps that come with deepin, so I use another file manager, terminal, text editor, music player, etc.

The deepin file manager annoys me in particular because it keeps trying to mount /dev/sda the minute I open it, and thus asking for my password. This is even though root/home partition is on /dev/sdb. I changed various settings in file manager to no avail.

I guess I just prefer using the apps I'm comfortable with. The desktop itself is fine, which is why I'm keeping it.

really? Good for you :wink: I maybe stopping the deepin ISOs its just becoming 'more trouble than its worth' :frowning:

My last uploaded deepin ISO, I never installed the deepin-extra pkg, but I did include the terminal :wink:

I think you can fix that using disks, select the drive, click the cog icon and edit mount options for that disk. Let me know if that fixes it for you.

Nice to hear from you my friend :wink:

Nice to see you're still alive! :smile:

Why would I want to edit fstab to automount /dev/sda though? When I'm running archdeepin I don't access sda at all. No other file manager gives me this problem.

oh I see, I misunderstood the question :wink:

@wongs Only thing I can suggest is have a search through here:

If nothing helps, report it as a bug if you care enough :wink:

I have had to remove this, because its not Manjaro specific According to some admins :man_shrugging:


Thank you @ant.

UEFI install no problems :hugs:



Your Welcome, thanks for letting me know and for your support, very much appreciated :hugs:

@ant how do i stop keyring for asking for password I cant find anything to stop it
regards ron
ps loving your iso working so well

depend whats asking for it... I would assume chrome ?

thanks @rbrick49 :hugs:

I've been running your ISO in a VM and enjoying it , I am going to go bare metal with it because I'm feeling the need for having Arch installed on my machine more or less as a life preserver at the moment , I had an Arch installation previously but let it go when I couldn't maintain it due to health . Perfect timing on these iso's , I wasn't looking forward to the installation process on Arch , I managed it before but I'm basically lazy and over medicated now . :grin:

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You will love it on metal its fast and snappy and not loaded with junk you will never use, installing only what you need will help keep it that way. Only takes about 3 mins to install on my hardware with SSD

Let me know how it goes, any problems give me a shout...

Thanks again,

All good as long as I don't wind up in the hospital again , there's been some poor decision making going on with Manjaro lately IMO , not being loaded down with junk is precisely the reason I'm wanting to go the Arch route again . Wasn't looking forward to going through the installation process again , last time I was clear headed but I live in a fog these days so I triple check everything I do before clicking or pressing enter . I'll let you know how it goes , hopefully I get to it today or tomorrow depending on how much my wife put's on my to do list . :wink:

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i fixed it thanks

Found the time to install on metal today , updated , Nvidia drivers installed , Firefox installed , happy , happy . Running like a scalded cat . :smile:


yep, its blistering quick :astonished:

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Thanks for all your work , couldn't have come at a better time either IMO .

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