Deepin desktop logs me out right after logging in

I had some software updates recently, which I installed. After installing and powering off my pc then turning it on again, Deepin desktop doesn't let me in, it just logs me out right after i type my password and log in.
I can't figure out where the issue is, since the software updates were too many. So I can't tell where things went wrong.

OS : Manjaro 20.0.3 Lysia
Kernel : x86_64 Linux 5.4.44-1-MANJARO
Desktop environment : deepin

I logged in through gnome because I have bothe desktop environment installed, but I couldn't figure out what I should do.
Please help me out.

The old manjaro-deepin-settings is blocking you from getting the latest schemas. Do this to fix that:

sudo pacman -R manjaro-deepin-settings
sudo pacman -Syyu deepin-desktop-schemas

Thanks a lot!
That helped me out!

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