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I have a quick question with hopefully a quick answer.

I was wondering if anyone knows how to add the deepin dock to all added workspaces using Kwin.

Any information about this topic would be greatly helpful.

Thank you.

I have no experience with Deepin, but can't you just make the application sticky? :thinking:

This doesn't work unfortunately. It's as if it's a completely different thing. I'm confused.

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i'm confused too! I run deepin with 4 desktops and all have the deepin dock on all 4 by default (as do any additional desktops added). Just to confirm: You started from a deepin install or added the deepin dock to another DE?

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I started from Deepin with the old default (mutter?). Then I downloaded Kwin and used that as the default. I was able to add multiple desktops using the KDE settings, but it seems like these desktops are completely separate from one another.

you've answered your own question. Think of it like this: each de is separate yet there are some things that work well between them, generally apps that are written/come with a specific de. As an example, i use dolphin (KDE) as the file manager in deepin and also use Evolution (gnome) as the mail program in KDE (a few dependencies are added if required at the same time as installation). But there are certain things which are intrinsic/embedded to a DE, and they might work in another DE but invariably don't or have a limitation when installed. That's my take on it.


Thank you for your response. This makes sense of course.

However what did you do to add multiple workspaces within deepin?

4 finger swipe down on the touchpad (or windows key +s) then clicked on the plus sign (towards upper right)

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Yes I believe you use mutter. I just removed Kwin and see all four workspaces as you describe. I guess no-one knows how to fix this on Kwin right now.

Thank you for your assistance. I guess I'll wait until they fix it.

Have a wonderful day/night!

If I was in that situation I would simply copy this kwinrc file into "~/.config".

You can see that folder by going to your home folder, and pressing "Control + H"

Thank you for this. Unfortunately this doesn't work for me :frowning:

The dock still doesn't show across desktops using Kwin Window Manager

There should be an option for that using the app KDE System Settings.

Has anyone running Deepin with Kwin noticed that the dock transparency is far less noticeable with Intel integrated graphics?

Yes, this is current bug with kwin on intel and it's worked on:

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