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Hi, i installed manjaro gnome which works perfectly fine, i set up my system and like it..but i sometime login to vmware client for my office work and the display is scaled at 2x which is a little small, so i looked at deepin which privides 2.5x scaling, but when i installed deepin desktop environment on top of gnome and logged into deepin environment, no apps specific to deepin scales properly not even the dock..the dock is small,the control center is small and when i hover my mouse over these things i can barely see the there something i am missing because i got old manjaro deepin iso and installed on the same system on a different drive, it scaled perfectly at 2.5. Any help?

I'm not really familiar with deepin but I don't think that was a good idea. Did you use the same user account? If so you've probably trashed your config in /home in which case your best options are to restore from your backup or reinstall if you don't have one.

That aside, I don't think the deepin edition is being maintained at the moment so it's probably best not to use it anyway.

Thanks for the reply..yes i did used a different user and took a timeshift backup before installing i can restore it..
The thing is i installed a manjaro deepin iso and everything scaled perfectly even the updates didnt break it. I didnt like it that much at the time for some reason i cant remember(may be it was the notification sounds or some visual thing), so deleted it(a month ago when i switched to linux for the first time and was trying different distros with different DE)..but now i miss the 2.5x there a way to get that in gnome..i tried kde too, but that was too complex for me..
I dont miss the 2.5x scaling during my regular usage, its just that i use vmware horizon for my office work and the things are just too small at 2x..i can live with that since i work mostly on mainframe window where scaling doent matter but i wanted to know why its not scaling when installed on top, but works and scales perfectly when installed independently..

Have you looked here?

Yes i did , it does not go beyond 200..and i use the x11 not wayland..wayland made my synaptics touchpad go crazy which i somewhat fixed by installing synaptics but was not good enough..

Well, Gnome's gonna Gnome. If you don't want to take the hacky route with wayland I think you're just going to have to live with it.

That said I haven't spent a huge amount of time with Gnome so maybe there is an easy way to do it that I've not noticed, but I doubt it.

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