Deepin Sound menu break after update

After updating Manjaro Deepin just now, the menu of sound of speakers and of microphone went blank in "sound" > "advanced".
My speakers and microphone is working though.
I also can't set the volume up or down.

Apart from sound issues (Settings schema '' does not contain a key named 'auto-switch-port'), the shortcuts menu is also broken. The super key doesn't bring the launcher up, other shortcuts do not work either.

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Manjaro Deepin is the most unreliable distro I have ever had.
I'm thinking of switching. Can't deal with so much unreliable factors.
@konig do you think if I switch to Arch Linux I will have the same issues that I'm having with Manjaro? What is your opinion?
I'm using Manjaro because it was the first distro that I found that had Deepin Desktop

@dannysantos1985 try to downgrade deepin-daemon and reboot

It's the first time in 6 months that I've run into an issue that borked my system. The issue you have can be mitigated by switching your repo from "stable" to "unstable". I'm running Manjaro because it's more convenient, however If you never went through the process of installing arch, I highly recommend that you do in a VM first.

He can't downgrade if he is running on stable repo

Yes, I could downgrade. Switching from stable to unstable repo's doesn't seem a good idea. I will probably run into more problems

Switching to unstable will still put you behind vanilla arch. Unstable just means that the packages were not tested by the Manjaro team.

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