Deepin Super + Space shortcut resets on shut down

Hi there! I am trying to assign a keyboard shortcut to Super + Space. Whenever I set it in the control center it asks me if I want to replace the "Switch Layout" shortcut, which I do. This works fine for the rest of my session. However, if I ever shut down the computer, the shortcut is removed and I must recreate the shortcut.

I am fairly new to Manjaro Deepin so I may be missing something obvious but it seems like the shortcut is not being committed to disk.

I am fine with a solution that creates a systemd startup script that automatically sets up the shortcut for me but I am tired of having to manually recreate it every time. Any help would be much appreciated as I could not find anything that helped with this problem.

Sometimes with Deepin, you have to edit the setting directly, ie. outside of the Control Center, to get some settings to stick. Run the dconf-editor and navigate to /com/deepin/dde/keybinding/system and look for the setting there. Set your preferred key binding and reboot to see the key binding is permanent.

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