deepin unstable endless loop at login

Not looking for a solution -- just offering feedback before this moves to testing or stable.

I run deepin-unstable in VirtualBox.
The latest update I ran a couple days ago resulted in a system that boots to the login screen, then acts like it will continue booting, but returns to the login screen.
I reverted to a previous snapshot, changed to testing branch, and then updated: everything works fine.
Switched from testing to unstable and repeated update: resulted again in an endless loop at login.

By the way, I also run xfce-unstable in a VB, and it works fine. So the problem is definitely in recent updates to deepin.

I have had the same thing happen to my Archdeepin in VM for the last 1-2 weeks. I kept reverting to a previous working snapshot on various days and then updating the VM all over again. It hasn't worked since, even with each round of new additional updates.

BUT... the real metal Archdeepin updated just fine and is still fine after another round of updates yesterday.

So it might just be some issue that only affects DDE running in VM.

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There is a lot going on in the thread Manjaro-Deepin edition on hold

I think it going to be a while before Deepin is usable on Manjaro ...

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Thanks for the info.

Yes, I've been following that thread.
Right now my actual install of deepin-stable is working pretty well. I can live with a few quirks as long as I can boot into it.

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