Default image format when downloading/saving

I am using Manjaro with Plasma and I noticed that when I want to download and save an image from a website that KDialog window pops to ask me to where to save and the chosen format is always .bin even tho I always change it to JPEG.
Seems the settings are never saved when I choose that JPEG should be default format.
Any ideas how to fix this?

what's your browser? this may be relevant

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See here:

It is an odd one, and seems to crop up again after certain updates.
I hadnt even realized I was suffering this again until this post made me think to check once more. And bam. images saved as 'bin' .. nope, gotta open the 'save as' dialog and uncheck the 'automatically save as .bin'.

Indeed deselecting that flag seems to fix the problem. Tried is about 10 times on different pages and images.
@steanne Yes it seems that deep in the comments people suggest the same fix.

Just another wonderful, surprising day in KDE. You never know what is going to hit next.

In my Arch install, Amazon videos in Chrome are now--occasionally--hijacking my entire display layer. After exiting the video and Chrome, I have a black screen. An Alt+Ctrl+Backspace logs me out, and a login restores my empty session, but what a pain. I believe it is caused by either A) a weather widgit updating or, B) redshift widgit.

I might actual take the time to look at a journal--or even pause the widgits--but next week they'll be fine and something else will be the segfault du jour.

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