Delete systemd logs from the future?

Hi everyone,
My laptop sometimes has an issue where the BIOS settings get reset. I'm in the process of fixing that, but in the meantime this same issue screwed up my hardware clock and so I have a bunch of systemd logs for the far future. Whenever I run something like journalctl --since "1 hour ago" I get lots of irrelevant logs from a long time ago when I encountered this BIOS issue last.

I found this topic where the author has a similar issue, but they don't appear to have found a resolution.

Does anyone here have any ideas? Do I just have to nuke all of my logs?

Never mind! Solved my own problem.

Going down the GitHub rabbit hole reveals you can view info about systemd log files with journalctl -e --header and delete the log files that have a timestamp in the future.

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