deleted themes in apperance

hello well i deleted some things on manjaro and when i did a upgrade it said warning that it couldnt find the theme that i deleted now can i re install the stock themes or delete the packages permenantly also i used bleachbit and at first it wouldnt let me upgrade the system did some reading and it said to remove bleachbit so i did and i upgraded but with the warning that it couldnt find the icon themes and such can anyone help?

Restore with your backup.


Hi :slight_smile:

Default GTK theme and Icons are:

  • Matcha-sea (GTK)
  • Papirus-Maia (Icons)

Try to remove or reinstall via Pamac GUI and next time delete themes via package manager :slight_smile:


are those all the stock themes in the latest manjaro lyria?

Icons theme was the same in Ilyria if I remember correctly but after changes in Adapta Eta Maia themes Manjaro XFCE switched to Matcha themes. It was long ago so my memory can fail me.

I'm not sure do I understand your question. Ilyria was 18.0.x. Now we have 18.1.x which is Juhraya :slight_smile:

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