Dell Latitude E5570 - dell-bios-fan-control package breaks fn brightness keys

First off sorry if this is the wrong location to post this, this is my first post here so hopefully I got this right...

I have a dell latitude E5570 - i7 processor and AMD R7 M360. Running linux-lts (yay -S linux-lts)

All is well but I wanted to get rid of bios fan control since this laptop is too passive in cooling and can't get its full potential.

I was successful in getting my fans working as I wanted following along with every part of - I now have i8kmon running at boot, along with dell-bios-fan-control

The problem I run into is whenever dell-bios-fan-control is running, my fn+f11/f12 keys to not change the brightness, the second I do systemctl stop dell-bios-fan-control I am able to use these keys.

Has anyone ran into this before? Is there some configuration file which I am too much of a noob to figure out the solution on?

Thanks in advance - hopefully this is something simple!

Please use the way Manjaro installs kernels trough MHWD, or if you prefer terminal:
sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux54
or if you want a different kernel (and probably you could make use of the 5.7 kernel) then:
sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux57

Isn't that a dual GPU hybrid? So, is the iGPU responsible for backlight or is the AMD GPU?
While running the fancontrol, see what backligtt is in use and do according to this:

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