Dell Vostro 3546 wifi card not detected

Follow my directions in my last post above. Hopefully we can make some kind of progress without all the information we need.

I am going to re-edit the above commands.

Run the following commands:

sudo systemctl stop NetworkManager
sleep 2
sudo modprobe -r dell_laptop
sleep 2 
sudo rfkill unblock wifi
sleep 2
sudo systemctl start NetworkManager
sleep 2 
sudo modprobe  ath9k
sleep 2 
sudo rfkill unblock wifi
nmcli r wifi off 
sleep 2 
nmcli r wifi on

Then test your wifi.

If your wifi is not working put your laptop into suspend.

Wait 30 seconds then bring laptop out of suspend and test your wifi again.

lspci -knnvvv | grep -i net
sudo rfkill list all

If the laptop freezes you may have to do a hard power down.

Please post all input/outputs and report any changes you notice.

This makes it sound like you deactivated the card. Does it have a physical switch, or has it become loose?

The strange thing is rfkill list is returning nothing at all.

Hi ,
There is no physical switch for wifi card

It is often a key combination, but if it was blocked by rfkill that should show up in the output.

This kind of implies it has become physically disconnected, disabled in the BIOS, or has simply failed.

If it's not detected in the same live environment now as it was previously then it's not a Manjaro configuration issue, it's a hardware issue.

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I would suggest powering down, removing all power sources including the battery (if possible) an then reset your bios to the factory default. This will sometimes make an undetected card reappear.


If all those above fails you can manually open your laptop and remove WiFi card then reinsert it
But its last thing you can do
If its hardware fault.
Or visit a repair center and have them do it for you.

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Yes, that is the last step when all else fails.

Hi Buddies ,
Thanks a lot specially tbg , WiFi and all stuff is working now .
I just change the BIOS setting to default .

Simply by pressing F12 or F2 at startup and change the configuration to default.

I think It was happened when I was trying to install another OS and there I need to change the BIOS setting.

But now it is fine.

Thanks again !!!!


The undetected adapter issues can be very concerning because it presents as a hardware failure. Luckily adapters don't totally fail very often, but getting them working is often not so easy either.

Very nice, glad the bios trick got it working.


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