Dell XPS-15 Laptop's Touchpad config problem

Hi. I recently installed Manjaro KDE on my Lappy, replacing openSUSE Tumbleweed KDE, which replaced Maui, which replaced Mint 17 KDE. Overall i am really pleased with Manjaro, but there is this problem i've not been able to resolve. All previous distros had no problems enabling full functionality of the touchpad, but Manjaro so far seems to have a problem with it.

I like to use edge scrolling, & circular scrolling, as well as various other normal touchpad functions. For reasons i do not yet understand, in Manjaro all those settings are ghosted out & inactive. The only available functions are to move the pointer, & single-click tap. Furthermore there's an odd warning message in the Settings GUI. I've tried to solve this in all 3 of my installed kernels; 4.14.2-1, 4.9.65-1, 3.16.50-1, but identical outcomes.

Here's some pics to show what i mean:


I'd love any help available pls.

Have a look in this thread: [libinput] Git-Bisect - Keyboard and Touchpad not accessable
It describes the matter which started with an update.

Thank you. I have just finished reading that linked thread. OMZ. Although i understood some parts of it, i'm afraid that i could not grasp overall what specifics i need to do. All that git bisect stuff is simply way beyond my comprehension sadly. Also just to clarify a detail; unlike in that other thread, my Lappy's keyboard is working fine, it's only the additional touchpad functions that are unavailable.

libinput does not have all the old functionality available in the synaptic driver. You can drop back to synaptic if you need this functionality but it is deprecated and will not work with wayland (when it becomes standard). I bit the bullet and use libinput, but I miss synaptic.

Thanks. I need to just quickly double-check my understanding here, lest i run off on an unnecessary tangent.

The "vibe" i've picked up from that git bisect link is that MAYBE i could fiddle about with some files [downgrading / blacklisting] which MIGHT make my touchpad properly functional... but conversely if i understand your own feedback, the current non-Synaptic driver arrangement is known to NOT allow proper functionality for touchpad so i'd only be wasting my time anyway. I could MAYBE try to install the Synaptic driver which MIGHT make my touchpad work [like all previous distros did], but even if it did then work my joy would be short-lived due to some impending change from X11 to Wayland. Am i being too bleak there, or is that a fair summary?

Up to now i have been really impressed with Manjaro, but putting an OS on my Laptop that cripples its touchpad is completely unviable, & would herald an end to my brief time with Manjaro. Obviously i'm really keen to solve this so i can continue with Manjaro, but at the moment i'm not knowledgeable enough to understand how i can do that.

I thought the git bisect stuff was only/mainly HP laptops??? (Just woken up!).

Wayland is the "future" and yes it looks bleak at the moment. Most if not all distros are heading that way, which is why I bit the bullet and installed, but the devs are railing against adding functionality, trying to avoid the spaghetti code of synaptic, which was a one (made to fit all) package.

That is the wrong approach, I agree, you do not see that for WIFI/Network cards.

I realise this will likely make me seem dogmatic, but on this point i feel that some dogma is warranted... i cannot agree with the apparent design decision that for the sake of simplifying the coding complexity a trade-off to instead cripple the touchpads of the world's Linux+Wayland-wearing laptops is perceived as the appropriate "solution". Tail wagging the dog IMO.

Consequently i have now installed the two synaptic driver packages via Octopi [noted the maintenance-watch warning], rebooted, & am chuffed to find that now my touchpad is fully functional once more. Yay.

I will have to hope that before X11 is removed & Wayland is mandated, common-sense will have prevailed such that touchpads will not then become crippled again. If that is not the case, i'd have to begin distro & DE hopping once again. I can't quite believe that there does not seem to be more uproar from [Linux] laptop users everywhere about this.

Thanks very much for your help in reminding me of synaptic.

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