DEs won't start

I installed awesome wm, and it worked, but then I installed manjaro-awesome-settings and copied over all the files, but now none of my DEs (KDE,bspwm) including awesome load… the display manager just grays out and stays stuck there. (The mouse can still move around tho)

startx from tty results in a empty gray screen…

I uninstalled awesome, but still, no DE started

Os: manjaro linux x86 64
Kernel: 5.1.21-1-manjaro
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i was able to get awesom it to start by emptying out the .config directory and only putting in the contents from /etc/skel/.config/ but ill have to see about my other DEs

installing multiple desktop environments under the same user can be problematic. the awesome-wm iso comes nicely configured.

theres plenty of forum threads about "i installed this desktop environment and now none of them work". using a separate user account for each DE/WM allows them to each have their own home folder so the configs dont clash with each other

Not sure about kde, but bspwm is very dependent on its default config files. If you deleted or oveewrote them, then empty Grey dreen is what you should expect: x starts, but none of the bspwm components do. If you want to use multiple desktops you have to carefully combine the configs.


Kernel 5.1 is EOL, CMIIW

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Then I put back everything from the backup .config to the actual .config folder, but I made sure to not override anything. then i had to switch the permissions for all of the files that i copied over to chown user:group and chmod ### (cuz i had to copy the files over through sudo, so they belonged to root, so startx didnt have access to it).

and now everything works!

Can't believe that took a literal entire day of troubleshooting…

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