Description in manjaro-wiki to change from "stable" to "unstable" is obviously flawed

Hello Manjaro-Lovers,

Just want to point out that the instructions to change from "Stable" to "Unstable" in the manjaro-wiki is obviously flawed:

In another "post" I discovered another variant. I assume that this is correct:
take a look here

Thanks for reading :wink:

Nope, it is not. The post you linked only uses the short form, whereas the wiki uses the long form.
Here a quote from the output of pacman-mirrors --help:

  -a, --api             [-p PREFIX][-R][-S/-B|-G BRANCH][-P PROTO [PROTO ...]]
  -S, -B, --set-branch {stable,testing,unstable}

You can also have a look at man pacman-mirrors

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OK, can you explain why, after using "sudo pacman-mirrors --api set-branch unstable", I get this message ?:
pacman-mirrors: error: unrecognized arguments: branch unstable

by the way...thanks for moving...


sudo pacman-mirrors --api --set-branch {branch}

You have the --set-branch option wrong, or is it a typo in your post?


:slightly_smiling_face: @tanna, the information that pertains to switching branches in the Manjaro Wiki is correct because that was the method I used to switch to the "Unstable" branch in the past (And, I am sure that it still works in the present).


Yes, that's how I did it. Unfortunately it was wrong.

Thank you for the correction. I have copied this line from the wiki into an editor and can not explain why the two hyphens were missing. I claim it is entirely my mistake. So far, however, I have never had any trouble in "copy & paste".

It is completely correct what you write, it was my mistake, which of course I stand for. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you all again for your quick reaction. I did it well, but in the future I will limit the command to the country, because the automatic check of all available servers seems to be superfluous. Please let me know if this is not a good idea.

sudo pacman-mirrors -c Germany --api --set-branch unstable

Thank you, but I have even inserted the website shown by you in my startup post. But better double than not at all. :wink:

Please excuse the wait. Obviously, I just got it now. You will find my post so good that you would like to see the content in the wiki as a supplement. This is of course no problem. You can start it anytime. :grinning:

The allusion, of course, was directed to my post #7, whereupon you answered with the link that I had already linked. It is of course something ironic meant with a dose of fun. :grin:

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