Desktop Configuration empty

Hi There,
I'm new in this Linux world, for that reason sorry for these simple question.

So I wanted recently to configure Desktop. For that reason I made a right-click on the Desktop and selected Configure Desktop.... After that a new Window appeared but it had no content in it. It is empty and I cant do anything with it.
I don't know if my KDE is messed up or if there is a Bug.

Thanks for your time and have a nice day,

Check your compositor settings.
They should be:

I did so. But nothing changed. The Desktop configuration window is still empty/clear.

Did you reboot?

Okay. I did so, and now it works!!!!
Thanks a lot man :slight_smile:
Btw, why did it work after these changes? Just out of curiosity and learning a bit more about this Distro.

What did it say previously? What make is your video card?

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