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Have Manjaro 4.9.90, but like the desktop (screen) from Manjaro 0.8.2. Is it possible? How?

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No idea what you mean. Manjaro .iso release is currently on 17.1.2. Are you talking about the wallpaper ?

Manjaro ver. 0.8.2 desktop has a black background with an orange clock...this is what i want! However, If Im correct, I have ver. 4.9.90 (Although ver. 0.8.2 was the last ver). I guess my question is: Can i go backwards without loosing something? I really want that desktop...whatever you call it.

I shoulda mentioned its XFCE.

Do you mean a wallpaper as background for the desktop?

Yes, with the orange working clock.

You just lose security.

Could be a conky clock.

This is what Im talking about. . It is the 1st pic.


Search the conky clock and current logo Wallpaper :wink:
and put it together in a current manjaro.




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Exactly! Lol...I know its 2012, however, ver. 4.9.90 doesnt give me that option. Will i loose anything if i go with this?

OHHHHHH Page 39 :smiley:

Thanx very much! Makin' me happier! SGS...You officially ROCK!!!

Wow! Gonna be scrollin' for awhile. Thanx again!

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