Desktop gone after update

After a system update yesterday my desktop remains black and I see no icons. I do have a menu bar and a mouse cursor so luckily I can still work, but what's going on? Does anybody have an idea how to debug this? I am of course happy to provide any input necessary. This is Manjaro with a 4.19 kernel and an xfce desktop using lightdm.

Looks like xfdesktop is gone. What happens if you drag around a window, do you get an image of that window as background?

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I don't. Is that good or bad?

What happens if you righ-click on the desktop?

Nothing whatsoever. I can still configure the desktop background using the desktop app, but it has no effect. I also just reinstalled xfce-4 without that changing anything.

Also, my menu bar icons are completely different, and windows appearance has changed as well. And I used to be able to start without logging in, now I get a login window.

Panel. It's called a panel. That's what I still got.

Hm, seems I mostly solved it. Booted into my other partition and deleted ~/.cache/sessions, now at least I got my desktop back. I reckon the rest can be solved by configuration. :grinning:

Thanks for the help! :+1:

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Well, getting auto login to work again seems more of a challenge than I thought ... the easy way via user account -> groups no longer seems to have any effect. I'll keep digging.

Looks like I am stumped. Whatever I do, I have to login not only when I start the computer, but also to unlock the screen. Nothing helps. :neutral_face:

Well, can anybody try and point me in the right direction? I think I've exhausted my options, but I can't believe this is impossible ...

When you get the issue, can you switch to TTY2 (Ctrl+Alt+F2), login and run the command
loginctl unlock-session 2

Thank you, I noted this and will try. :neutral_face:

Hm, this didn't really change anything. Doing the steps described here

I got to the point that I no longer need to enter a password. I still get a login screen though. Used to be the computer would simply start without any need to login ... and I don't know what I did wrong so this is no longer so?

Ah, it seems I finally got my computer back. :+1:

Enable Autologin in XFCE brought the solution. At least for starting without login screen. One will see about screensaver locking ...

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