Desktop isn't showing up. only taskbar and programs are opened

Hello, my Desktop isn't showing (somtimes shortcuts are missing and not interactable, sometimes just black). The rest od the enviroment is showing (like taskbar...)
and i can open different porgrams (file manager included). what is wrong? do i have to start the desktop manually or reinstall it? and if something of this is yes: how?

Thanks for helping me

We are going to need more information than that to be helpful.

For starters, which DE/edition(xfce/kde/gnome/etc) are you using?

Next, when does this happen? While you are using the system or when you start it up?

I think xfce (according to the name of my Terminal, but i am not shure) and it happened after a start up. before the startup i didn't do anything on the laptop.

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