Desktop Show Off

So I made a video showing off what I've done with my desktop so far and posted it to a couple groups in Facebook. One person asked for the config. Is it safe to hand that out? Also, another person offer five dollars via Paypal for my setup :joy:



Huh. Nice desktop but impractical. Also nice "marketing" stratergy with the music and all.
Impractical because imagine writing something on a high res display and stuff, and BOOM suddenly translucent. You won't play the same music over and over and even if you do you'd get bored pretty quick

I've had no problem with this setup. Typing has not been an issue. When I play a movie or look at a picture, I just do ALT+MouseWheel to change the transparency. Why would I play the same music over and over?

I see nothing useful with your comment.

just saying it ain't as cool as it looks no offence

That’s not even close to what you said previously


I think what @Samthemanjaronewbie was trying to say is that it would be impractical for him. It could still be practical for other people.

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