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Just installed Manjaro XFCE 18.1 on a new laptop and noticed that some the wallpapers are not there anymore. There's only 5. Have the others been removed or are they in another folder?


Have you checked in /usr/share/backgrounds to see if there are other folders containing wallpapers?

Yeah, it's just those.

That's odd!
I am afraid I'm clueless as to what might have happened to the wallpapers. Was this an installation from a "freshly" downloaded iso?

There are multiple wallpaper packages in the repos, for each DE and also from different years/releases. Just look them up and install them.


Looks like you downloaded the minimal ISO ?? which has less wallpapers...


Me? No, but the OP might have :slight_smile:
Those for Deepin are made by you, correct? Cool stuff!


Sorry @bogdancovaciu I hit the wrong reply button, not been up long :rofl:

Yes, some of them, I believe I have more in other distro's, not just deepin.

thank you very much :wink:


No it was the full XFCE install

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Check the dropdown menu by the Folder:

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you're right - it was the minimal install - DOH!

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I admire your honesty, most people would of said nothing, good for you, we all do it.... :wink:


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