Detect shortcut action

Hi all. Is there a way to detect shortcut actions? Meaning, if I press certain key combo, if there is a shortcut associated with it I would like to have it displayed somewhere.

The reason for the question is this related post: CTRL+Z shortcut for undo not working
I haven't got any concrete suggestions or answers to my problem, so I'm trying to find a way to debug it.


Really not sure what you are asking for. Are you asking if there is already a key combination active and you try to use that for a different task to get a notification (KDE Plasma does that by default), or you want to display on screen what keys you are pressing ?
For that you can use
or key-mon
or xev from console

Hi, thanks for the programs listed! I used xev to print out what's happening on key presses, and on all ctrl+<something> combinations, same pattern is seen (KeyPress ctrl, KeyPress <something>, KeyRelease <something>, KeyRelease ctrl), however ctrl+z have these FocusOut, FocusIn KeymapNotify messages that don't show up in other cases. Additionally, there's the strange question mark symbol for XLookupString in KeyRelease z.

I've attached the screenshot for better understanding.

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