Detecting USB devices

Ive got a usb belkin 802.11g adapter, works find if I plug it in before starting manjaro KDE, but does nothing if I plug it in while running. I tried a trendnet 802.11b usb adapter with the same effect. ButIt detects jump drives and the mouse just fine.

The computer on has 2 ports, the other has a usb 1.1 splitter for the mouse and keyboard, I need to unplug the wifi adaptor semi often to usb my thumb drives. I can live with this butjust making sure theres no quick fix first.

follow up questions, is there a graphical device manager that shows all the devices installed and plugged in (like what windows has)?

It sounds like your computer does not have the power to run that adapter as well as everything else, laptop I guess?
It is probably built into the circuit and can not be changed.

Im not disagreeing with you, but why would this OS only detecting na usb wifi adapter if its plugged in then started plugged in have anything to do with power, any other usb device connects whenever I plug it in

Good point, I was just taking a guess. Have you tried to look at any logs?

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