Development for the Xfce media player is back on!

Is this something Xfce users would appreciate?
As a Plasma 5 user myself.


Aren't we all, that is, Xfce, KDE, Gnome and other DEs users using VLC? :wink:

Choice is never a bad thing in my eyes even if i do use vlc :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sure but was thinking of plain Xfce and what the gist is about Parole if it was the default player in Xfce?
And as @Photon mentions options and choices is always a good thing.
As some xfce users may deem Vlc too Heavy! :confounded:

It was not me who mentioned that, but I fully agree with the statement. :slight_smile:

Actually, I checked and looks like Parole is in community/ while most of Xfce is in extra/. Would be strange for the default player. On the other hand, I also heard about Parole being the default player at some point...

Well, I'll just have to burst this bubble here.. SMPlayer :imp:.


Pity PotPlayer has not been opened sourced and ported to Linux, otherwise VLC FTW.

Looks like they didn't change much.

Nope, SMPlayer here.

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I use smplayer on KDE and parole on XFCE.
Very excited to see how 0.9 compares to its predecessor :smiley:

I am using mpv. It is really good, will try out parole again.

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