Different kernel via grub has messed up fonts

So I tried to upgrade from 5.6 to 5.7 last night which failed. Stupid linux once again could not for whatever reason get video output. Many many distros can not manage to do this on my laptop, which has a nvidia discrete gpu and a built in amd igpu. Why this is such an issue with linux I don't know.

I basically just did pacman -Syu, and after that I shutdown and started up (hard reboot).

Then, I was suddenly greeted with an issue I thought was solved a year ago and have since not had again: Trying to install manjaro on a dual gpu laptop, can only get tty to work

So, since I didn't feel like battling linux, I just figured I'd retreat to 5.6 via the grub menu. That worked, then I uninstalled the 5.7 kernel and downgraded the latest-kernel* packages.

But now my fonts are slightly out of tune. My telegram font is slightly bolder, my terminal font is very thin (I feel like it's a completely different font face), as well as sublime text, which also has a similarly messed up font. Mousepad also has a different font.

Sure, it's all readable, but why is everything suddenly not able to load the correct fonts? I'm not sure where to even start with this obtuse issue and would appreciate comments and thoughts.

And no I have not installed custom fonts or really changed the font settings, even before the failed upgrade. I was rolling with system defaults.

The kernel has nothing to do with font - the display driver maybe - but not the kernel.

Since there has been some upstream Arch changes to font handling - I would start with ttf-dejavu - bitstream font's got if I recall correct and dejavu is used instead - or something like that.

Fair enough. I'm kinda ramming 2 issues on 2 different situations into one thread here.

On 5.7, I get no graphical user interface. It hangs, and I need to switch to a tty to do anything.

On 5.6, which works fine, my fonts got messed up. - You suggest installing ttf-dejavu?

The announcement threads has repeatedly contained the font info in the known issues comment.

This is also a well known topic - I am sure solutions has been found - please take a look at this forum search.

Yes! It works now. My commands: pacman -Syu ttf-dejavu linux57-nvidia-440xx

Edit: one last q, why weren't the nvidia drivers updated automatically?

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