Difficulty Installing Realtek rtl8812au Driver for USB Wifi Adapter; Please Advise!

I am unable to install either the drivers found here:

To use with this USB wifi adapter:

Additionally, the drivers included on the CD which came with the device fail to compile (either in sudo or root). Manually moving the drivers to /usr/src/rtl8812au-5.2.20/ also did not work because DKMS and the included shell files either stalled or failed to execute.

Any ideas on what I should do to get this wifi adapter working? It has been tested in Windows and is functional there.

Thanks! Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

To clarify, I am using an older adapter to acess the web right now; the new adapter (speficied in the above post) is unrecognized in Manjaro.

Follow these steps to Install the rtl8812au-dkms-git driver:

I do not know why you are attempting to compile drivers from source when we have perfectly good working dkms drivers available in the AUR. Uninstall any second party drivers before installing the drivers from the AUR.


I was wonder why they didn't check the AUR myself..

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It is really hard read your outputs as you have jumbled them all together without code tags and some outputs are missing. In short a disaster.

You have way more than one problem going on, and I can't possibly begin to try to straighten things out when I don't know what you've already done.

You need to post your modules without any other usb adapters plugged in. I'm not even sure you have an rtl8812au adapter because there is nothing to indicate that. As a matter of fact the module that is loaded is r8712u. So I have no Idea what is going on. In short you've made a super big mess.

Are you running this Manjaro install as a virtual install?

More issues, above. The 8812au module should be loaded if its installed properly, which it is not. This makes me think you have it installed incorrectly or you don't even have an rtl8812au adapter.

You have a broadcom NIC, yet you have installed 2 sets of drivers for the realtek r8168 NIC. The list of misconfigurations goes on and on.

Why did you install the 4.14 real time kernel and not the normal 4.14 kernel.

In short, I'm going to recommend something I never recommend. Wipe your install and start fresh. You've made too big a mess of your system to guess what you've done , let alone straighten it out.

You need to learn to post proper outputs because I can barely read the jumble you posted. Please read this:

How to provide your hardware specs:

When running the commands to detect your hardware, please ensure the following:

Do not have any USB WiFi adapter connected (except the adapter you are attempting to troubleshoot).
Do not have any USB to Ethernet adapter connected (except the adapter you are attempting to troubleshoot).
Do not have "phone tethering" operating while the hardware detection commands are run.

Reboot the computer with all other removable network devices disconnected first, then run the commands as before and post them with the proper formatting:

Please post the input/outputs of all requested commands via the terminal as text, (not as pics).

Information on how to properly post hardware specs and logs:

Please format any terminal output with three backticks before and after, as shown in this picture:

Please edit your prior post with separation between each output and with proper formatting.

Reinstall Manjaro then post your specs properly. Wait for my say so before you install any wifi components please.

Please post the output for lsusb with the adapter plugged in.
And for goodness sakes, use the proper formatting (eg. a code box)

Your inxi output also stated this was a desktop computer, yet you have graphics modules loaded for both Intel an AMD. There are many things in your configuration that make little sense.

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