Disable Blur in Login Screen and Launcher in Manjaro Deepin

I'm new to the whole linux ecosystem after about a month of playing around with Ubuntu, Manjaro, Elementary I decided to stick to Manjaro.
I need to know if there is anyway we can remove the blur-effect in the login screen and the launcher.
I tried searching with google and the forum of course but there seemed no answer to it.
Also, is there a tool or some files that we can edit to change title bar colors in windows and all?
Any help will be highly appreciated.
Thank You!

well you can in lightdm
but not in deepin
you cant customize deepin take it as is.
if you want customisation i suggest use kde.

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You can turn off blur in dconf-editor, go to:



Might not do what you are asking, but somethings are affected :wink:

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Okay, thanks. I'll give KDE a spin

Yup that removed blur from the dock and control center

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