Disable file conflict checks

Before you read the title and freak out, I have done my research and know this is a very bad idea and will break my system. However I am just experimenting on my Rpi 4 (which is running the unstable branch and git version of pretty much everything so stability is not a concern) and was wondering if there was a way to make pacman ignore file conflicts without having to pass the --overwrite '*' flag every time. Making an alias would not be ideal as I would also like this to apply to graphical package managers such as pamac and discover.
Thank you in advance.

You can disable the file conflict checks, but you can't make it automatically overwrite the conflicting files, no.

Oh, ok then. Shame, because the main thing stopping me from recommending manjaro (or any arch based distro) to my friends is how frequently things require manual intervention.

That frequence in my experience has been next to :zero:, but every user and every system is a case apart.

Pamac 9.5 automatically handles files conflicts

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That is a good thing, because IMO you have no business using a rolling distro if you aren't prepared to do hands on maintenance regularly.

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