Disable toggling of airplane mode on sleep

Hey there, I am completely new to Manjaro Linux and Arch Linux as a whole, but I was using ubuntu for the last month before making the switch to Manjaro. I use linux on my laptop which has the well known (for it's buggy driver with linux) realtek rtl8723be.
So the problem i am facing is quite annoying. Whenever i put my laptop to sleep, the Wifi get's disabled as a whole and airplane mode is turned on. Now this won't be a problem, only IF it would let me turn back on. Whenever i wake up the laptop, and try to connect to wifi by disabling airplane mode, it won't disable. It would say wifi disabled by hardware switch. And the only solution i found to this is to just reboot. This problem occurs on both Ubuntu and Manjaro and on both KDE and GNOME. And regarding the hardware switch, my laptop has F12 key assigned for switching airplane mode, and it worked fine on windows, but haven't really worked on linux. I have tried multiple solutions like by executing commands from terminal and using scripts but the only way to enable wifi again is to reboot.
Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me out :slight_smile:

Power management/Suspend and hibernate
Enabling hibernate (if not enabled during installation)

thanks, i disable "suspend on lid closed" in tweaks and it works great now!

Rather than disabling suspend completely you might want to try the fixes here:


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