[Discontinued] Cleanjaro 2020.01.24 KDE & XFCE

Well it's been a couple of months since i updated the Cleanjaro ISOs, so what better time than right now, ready for the weekend!

Things are pretty much the same as previous releases, just lots of updated packages.

Theming has been kept quite simple. There is little reason to waste time on themings when Cleanjaro strongly encourages you to make the system your own and change themes, unlike Manjaro.

The default shipping kernel is now 5.4.14 :penguin:

  • Snaps/flatpaks are opt in, NOT opt out. Enable them yourself from repo if needed.
  • Choose between Libreoffice (fresh & still), OnlyOffice or no office suite, it's up to you.
  • GRUB has been returned to its standard and expected operation. No more hidden menus or "silent" mode.
  • MS office online is completely removed.
  • Steam has been removed. (Add it back easy with 'sudo pacman -Syu steam-manjaro').
  • Added yay for AUR support.
  • Added timeshift to installation media as well as installing by default. No excuses to not backup!
  • Replaced screenfetch with neofetch.
  • Added transmission for torrent support.
  • A whole heap of general package updates, thanks to Arch and Manjaro Teams.
  • Maybe other little things i can't remember right now...

Have a good weekend and enjoy.


For those using ZFS, i've just pushed 0.8.3 to the Cleanjaro repo.


I'm downloading the torrents now, and will seed them 24/7 for the next couple of weeks.


Thanks for this! Do you have an updated sha256 for XFCE?


All on the OSDN downloads :slightly_smiling_face:

There is an ISO file, a torrent and a sha256 for both releases, KDE and XFCE.



My bad, the sha256 wasn't shown on the recent update list and the sha256 under the xfce tab was 3 hours earlier than the iso file.



Even boots from my computer :slight_smile: , Thank you :slight_smile:


This is great! Bluetooth and sound both worked OOTB on my old baytrail 2-in-1. I usually needed to add drivers.

I like the complete summary page before triggering the install. The install itself went fine except for installing grub for uefi32. But my Manjaro32 was able to find Cleanjaro and boot it. (uefi32 is unsupported on 64 bit Manjaros installs & ISOs.)

Anyway, Cleanjaro is running beautifully on my T100CHI. It's snappier than Mint 19.3.

Great Job :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you.


Both very welcome. :+1:


What compression algorithm are you using to build the ISO with? If you aren't already utilising it, have you considered lz4? It will increase the ISO size a touch but the pay off is a faster build time for yourself and also it loads quicker for end users with older systems since decompression is much faster. That's why all Ubuntu ISO are also compressed with lz4 these days.

I'd hazard a guess your images would still fit on a standard DVD if you used lz4 instead. When I rolled my own custom ISO previously it did quite easily with all the crud I usually install added too.

I also use it for initramfs compression on all my linux installs, it's an option in mkinitcpio.conf

Compile and build times are not an issue for me, I have quite a beast of a build farm in my garage :slight_smile:

It comprises 3x IBM x3850 x3950 X5 servers for a total of 12x Xeon X7560 (each CPU with 16 threads) and 1.5TB GB of RAM :sweat_smile:

Not the newest of hardware and the power draw is huge but I only boot them when I need to compile something very time consuming or build new ISOs.


I'm thinking you meant something other than 1.5 GB here....

1.5 TB maybe?


D’oh, you are spot on! :man_facepalming: Fixed it :grin:


lo estoy usando y me va muy bien gracias

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Oh damnit, so much for my smug satisfied glow of pride that even my Lappy had much more ram than your farm. Why even my old slide-rule was looking competitive there for a while.. :crazy_face:


tienen pensado realizar una pagina web solo para cleanjaro???

Estoy resistiendo completamente toda tentación de preguntar por qué persistes en usar el español en un foro obviamente basado en el inglés. De hecho, la sola idea de preguntarte nunca pasó por mi mente.


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There is Cleanjaro.org but that is nothing more than a redirection page to the OSDN page. I don’t feel anything more than this is really needed.


es mi leungua nativa y aun cuando tradusco no es igual para mi, lo importante aqui es que aun cuando ustedes escriben en ingles y yo en español nos entendemos perfectamente(parte de la magia de los traductores que tiene los buscadores), lo demas son elementos vacios de mantener una sola lengua o por lo menos para mi, pero me puedo adaptar y si existe un foro en español de dedicado a cleanjaro (el cual me gusta y se adapta a mis necesidades) y con la gran virtud de que me pueda seguir atendiendo el desarrollador como es aqui el caso seria magnifico, si existe pasarme el link para continuar disfrutando... :sonrojo: :sonrojo: :sonrojo:


si ya estuve por alla muchas gracias, alli fue donde hice la descaraga y quiero agradecerte por tu trabajo esta excelente, me gusta mucho y como se la lleva hasta los mementos con mi computadora,


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