Discord doesn't appear on gnome topbar

Time ago I posted here about this issue: discord doesn't appear on gnome topbar when it's running, I tried to disable ALL extensions because maybe that could be causing conflict, I tried to leave only the "KStatus Notifier" extension active and it didn't work. When I went through this problem months ago I was using a completely different computer, with an Intel processor and an Nvidia card, now my computer is full AMD and the problem still persists. I have no idea how to solve it.


Not reproducible here


That means the issue is on your end.
Run from terminal:
dconf reset -f /
then restart the shell with Alt+F2 type r then press Enter. You can Tweak again the theme and enable more extensions ...

I tried but it didn't work, after executing the command dconf reset -f / discord appears in the top bar for about two seconds and disappears again.

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