Discord has a new update available but it's not in the repos

When I try to open discord it just says there's an update available which apparently is required and not in the repos

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The Manjaro developers will add the new release of Discord to the Stable repository when they deem it reliable enough. In general and with the exception of security-related issues, Manjaro is always a few weeks behind Arch because things are tested more thoroughly in Manjaro than they are in Arch.


I did search but i didn't find anything

discord updates

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So the actual solution for now is to use the Flatpak version

flatpak install flathub com.discordapp.Discord

I don't even remember what version of Discord I installed, will have to check tonight. I rarely use Discord.

Just download the tar.gz file, unpack and copy to /opt/discord

sudo tar xf discord-0.0.10.tar.gz -C /opt/discord

It looks like the team is aware of the issue and is currently looking at it, so those who can afford to wait a short while for an official remedy shouldn't be waiting too long. See [Non-Manjaro packages which have been flagged as needing an update]. It's being discussed and worked on. No eta yet, but personally I wouldn't expect to wait too long.

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