discord is out of date

Idk now if this is the correct place to report this but discord is out of date on arch based systemsScreenshot_20200225_142234

please post about stuff like that here in future:

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Just give it a day or two and it will be updated. I've received this twice now within the last month and just ignored it. Within a couple of days of getting the message I was offed it via the update manager.

Hello community,
i currently have a weird issue. After my discord updated i now get a window saying that there is a new version and i need to download it from the Discord website via .deb (Ubuntu/Debian) or tar.gz.
I don't know if i caused this issue or if this a general bug with the Repository version of Discord right now but i hope someone can help me with this because i don't like it that much to use the browser client.

We pushed 0.0.10 to all branches ...


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