Discord Not Working Properly

Hi there

I made a full switch to Linux via Manjaro on my desktop. I installed Manjaro via Architect, doing a custom install where I replaced GRUB2 with rEFInd. Aside that no additional changes were made.

I booted to Manjaro fine, iniatede Pamac, added AUR and installed Discord from community as well are Firefox. I logged fine to both of the programs. I was able to get audio on Firefox; opened Youtube and some songs. My HyperX Cloud II Alphas were working. However I booted Discord and tried joining a voice channel to only have no audio coming in or out.

A picture of my Voice and Video settings in Discord: http://prnt.sc/qsgowy

I cannot figure out how to fix this. I checked out alsamixer to see this: http://prnt.sc/qsgte0

Also a side question: I cannot get alsamixer etc to change my values in +5%/-5%; so 0-5-10.... Not sure if it's related to it.

Thanks in advance

in alsamixer:
PCM audio to headphones - suggest reduce level with arrow key to 0.00dB to prevent possible overload distortion
use to change to 2nd level control
Headset microphone capture - must be turned up from 0 for microphone to be audible

Audio playback from Firefox suggest audio playback using Pulseaudio is working ok

Suggest check if package libpulse is installed
this package is only optional for Discord and may not have been installed
that should get audio playback and capture working via Pulseaudio
and Discord settings should show input and output devices

I tried moving the audio levels up and down. This ain't my first rodeo with Linux mate. Issue is I am not used to having my desktop broken. I can use this headset fine on my work laptop; which has Linux, where Discord picks up the input and output as HyperX.

Libpulse is indeed installed from extra.

I did set my sound card as HyperX in alsamixer btw. Issue is in Discord or somewhere in between as I can listen to stuff on Firefox. However the microphone doesn't work there as well.

for ALSA please post URL from - alsa-info.sh --upload

for Pulseaudio all data from - pactl info && pactl list cards
and for microphone - pactl list sources

I found the reason why. Pavucontrol wasn't able to establish a link to pulseaudio.

$ sudo pacman -S pavucontrol pulseaudio lib32-pulseaudio
$ rm $HOME/.pulse-config
$ reboot

fixed it for me. After the reboot I was able to establish a connection between Pulse and Pavu.

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