Discord out of date in pamac?

I'm trying to install discord from pamac and I'm hit with an update screen when I launch it. Upon searching the forums, a user has posted that Discord 0.10 has been pushed to all branches. However, in pamac, I see Discord as version 0.0.9-5. I have tried refreshing the database in pamac but im still seeing the outdated discord version. Any help would be appreciated.

Try refreshing your mirrors:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 && sudo pacman Syyu

pamac search discord

On my unstable branch discord package is 0.0.10-3

0.0.10-3 in all branches

Package	stable	testing	unstable
discord	0.0.10-3	0.0.10-3	0.0.10-3	


Refreshing the mirrors worked. Thanks everyone.

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