Discord won't detect my earphones!

So today I installed manjaro i3 on my machine(only OS).
I configured and installed some things like: optimus-manager, cmake, VScode,minecraft-launcher, firefox, discord.
I went to see if discord worked and it simply won't detect my earphones.
No device appears in the "output" or "input", inside voice and audio settings, appart from default.
Yes my earphones work properly, I have tested them and they worked on Windows 10.

PweaseHewpMe >_<

Do your earphones work outside of Discord?

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Yes, sorry for the late reply, I publish this late at night.
I rebooted the day after and it just worked.
Maybe its due to my machine using the nvidia GPU instead of the intel GPU.
Previously I was using it intel mode using the optimus-manager.
Thanks for taking the time to try and help me anyways.

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