Disk partitions do not appear when installing

I have a system AS SSD+HDD, I have Windows 10 installed on SSD. I have some files on HDD so I created a partition to install Manjaro on HDD, HDD has a total of 3 partitions, but when I boot Manjaro and start the installation Manjaro installation disk select/partition area appears as a single piece (I can not view the newly created partition.) Same result in both tried as UEFI or legacy. I'm waiting for your help with the solution.

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How the second disk looks like in partition manager? You showed us only sdb show us sda.

all disks have to be set in AHCI

Sda is the only disk on which Windows is installed. I created a 50 GB partition on the Sdb. I will install Manjaro there but Manjaro appears as one piece in the partition manager.
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AHCI is already enabled in the BIOS settings. Is there anything else I need to do?

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