Disk Trouble: Updated everything last night, and now my disk won't boot

I haven't messed with fixing things by command line in years, so I'm reaching out for some advice on how to [hopefully] recover everything. (Small words with me, please.)

This is the output I got right after entering my passphrase and going through GRUB.

Many thanks.

It may be a problem with the 4.9 kernel update, which many seem to be struggling with. Several managed to downgrade the kernel and restore their systems, but it is not a simple fix. And you appear to have luks encryption, so I'm not sure whether that adds more complexity...


Thank you, I'll give this a try and update as soon as I can.

Alright, I tried sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt but it returned: mount: /mnt: unknown filesystem type 'crypto_LUKS'.

Unsure where to go from here.

Yes, chroot with an encrypted partition is more complicated:

Sorry, I can't walk you through this, as I have no experience with encryption. In the future, it would be a good practice to have more than one kernel installed, so if one fails, you can boot with the other. Also backing up system files (such as with Timeshift) can also allow easy restoring if an update goes bad.

Its all good. I ended up just recovering what I could and reinstalling.

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