Displays keep getting turned off after 10 minutes

After one of the last updates (not quite sure which one) I started to notice this new irritating thing, that watching youtube videos in firefox, my desktop computer just turns off displays after 10 minutes or so. I had it set to 60m. Then I disabled ALL display dimming and turning off in power settings, yet it does happen after like every 10 minutes completely ignoring my power settings (both when enabled and set to 60 and when disabled entirely).

Using Manjaro KDE.

Is there some other place where I could alter this behaviour and more things to turn off?

Check System Settings->Desktop Behavior->Screen Locking

There is:
[ ] (unchecked) Lock screen automatically after 5 mins => Now changed this to 60m just in case, still left it unchecked.

Require password after locking: Immediately => it never asked for password though ... just moving mouse was enough to wake the displays btw.

Lock screen on resume [v] (checked)

What about System Settings->Power Management->Activity Settings?

Before it was:
(*) Do not use special settings.
=> and the problem was there.

Then changed it to:
(*) Use separate settings (advanced users only) and left all the checkboxes unchecked.
=> still the problem is here.

btw. what this "Use separate settings (advanced users only)" is even meaning? Separate from WHAT? and in which usecase? I have like the main power settings and then separate main power settings? Why?

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