Distress Quarantine Times - How to block webcam feed to application?

Hy there!

A lot of zoom meettings going around now... Does anybody have a tip on how to block the camera feed to the application so that it shows a single frame instead of the continuous video? Just like those 007 movies where they put a picture in front of the security camera so that nobody sees what they are doing.

Is it a kernel thing or a simple app can do it? Surely Linux has all the tools necessary to do so, even if it involves a little bit of coding.


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i know how to turn off the camera, that is not what i was looking for. I wanted to freeze the camera so that it would only show a frame in the zoom feed

Tape a pic of yourself that appears as if you are in really deep thought about 4 inches away from the camera lens. :smiley:


Could you not feed in the stream though obs and simply do it via obs? Don't know if obs has a feature that lets you feed it into zoom, but it might be possible.

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