Diving in

Ok, I promise after this I'll settle and stop spin hopping (spinning?).

Now we're playing with Deepin. I tried Budgie, but the less said about that, the better.

The point of this thread is to keep a running record of what I run into to help anyone that comes along after me as there's not a lot of threads on Deepin here.

First up is the monitors, as is logical it assumes my monitors are side by side, problem is that it doesn't allow me to change it. That one is easily solved, just install arandar and you're good to go. If its not a fixable glitch with DeepIn, they should prolly just add that to the package since its kind of necessary for multi-monitor set ups.
Second, network applet (or whatever you call the dock thingies). Won't let me log into the network, no password box ever pops up. Luckily this can easily be fixed by using the control center. Also it doesn't show the name of the network, despite being connected it still says I'm not. I this applet the same across multiple spins? If so, I suspect the problem is with it, as I've had a similar problem on the experimental net edition and I think the failure to show network showed up in a third spin as well.

Now that the problems are out of the way, what's there to say? Pretty distro, I was worried that it'd be too heavy for my system, but it doesn't seem that way. Not surprisingly it sorts the files and folders more or less the way I want. Its order is a little odd (oK, quite odd, I'd love to know the logic behind it), but the fact that it works isn't much of a surprise.

FileManager (get a name folks, Dive maybe or George) reminds me a lot of Finder on Mac, the toolbar and menu areas are different, but the rest is very close, add an applications folder, and it'd be hard to tell them apart.

I poked around the live off and on for two days testing things and was happy with it, so barring any unforeseen major glitches, I think I"ll be happy here. We'll see ifn I stay with Evolution as my email client, when I tried it on Budgie it was too buggy to use, though I really wanted it to work.

Not surprisingly it sorts the files and folders more or less the way I want.

Hey, that's good news.

I suppose I should go back and add a sorta to it.. For some reason I have two file managers, Deepin File Manager which does, and Files (same one as Budgie) which does not. Just have to remember to always use Deeping... And maybe delete Files?

The file manager which is called Files is intalled with the package nautilus, it's the Gnome file manager. You should be able to uninstall nautilus. The one you like is called deepin-file-manager.

Gotcha, thanks. Any idea why nautilus was installed in the first place? Doesn't really bother me having that there or anything, was just rather surprised that I have two.

Linux is about choice.
You get at least two of everything eventually. Editors, browsers, email programs, word processors, pdf readers, video players, music players, kernels. Enjoy.

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It's currently not possible, yet to completely get rid of nautilus on deepin, because of a dependency connection. deepin-filemanager is still quite new software and they still need to get rid of some old training wheels so to say...
If it really bothers you that you have a launcher entry for Files (which is actually nautilus) you can edit its .desktop file usr/share/applications/org.gnome.Nautilus.desktop and tell it to not show in deepin (probably you'll need to configure it to only show in any other DE :wink: ) Maybe put a copy of the .desktop file to ~/.local/share/applications/ or your edit will be lost with the next nautilus update :slight_smile:

And sometimes over whelming, but its still better to have choices. I've had two file managers by choice back on Mint, but that was by choice, this is the first time I've had a distro install two.

Nah, don't bother me at all, just surprised me, and I was curious why, I figured it was either a glitch, or a good reason, and seems its the latter.

Oh look, finally figured out how to re-position monitors without resorting to Arandr, and its not exactly intuitive. It is where you'd expect it to be, in the control center, and it requires a few clicks to do.

I would've expected that when I opened the display panel, I could just drag and drop my monitors, but nope. Instead you have to pick custom, but that doesn't do anything unless you click on the arrow. Then that opens another panel, but nope, still can't rearrange them, then you have to click on edit under the displays, then you can drag them into position. That seems a bit more work than necessary, but at least its there. Unfortunately the dock appears to be stuck on your primary monitor, which is something you can set in the custom option. Maybe I'm odd, but I want the dock on my bottom screen (laptop) and the upper screen to be my primary monitor, a combo you're not allowed. Still, if that's all I can complain about, then there's not much wrong, right?

Actually, it's a bad reason... :laughing:

Ok, a few things, all relatively minor, mostly software.

Having some wake up problems with program glitches, Chromium for example the add ons in the toolbar start flashing, pages don't load and the browser becomes unresponsive. DeadBeef's window elements were appearing and disappearing, and Franz started glitching too. Only solution thus far has been a system reboot, though I'm sure I could just reboot Deepin or something, maybe fix a setting?

Chromium issues, one being that Flash is still out of date on it. Obviously up to date on the system, as Firefox doesn't have a problem with my Facebook games, so not sure what I'm going to do about that. Also like Chrome and other Chromium based browsers, it insists on using the keychain, but does it badly, even if I remember my password, it manages to lose all my log ins.

Evolution isn't off to a good start, the set up Window was blank for the first two steps, once I hit the third I could go back and see them though. Considering that on Budgie I had the reply window lose the message I was replying to (basically the edit message box would disappear), I can't say I'm confident about using this much as I want to. Prolly have to find another email client, likely T-bird. I want to try Fossa, but there's a PGP signature problem that prevents downloading it, at least on Budgie. I wish someone would make a single pane email client, I'd love to try that on a desktop.

Lets add one more in, system tray problems. I see alerts, but can't do anything about them, clicking on it gets me a list of what wants my attention, but clicking on those items does nothing.

Is there a way to set start up apps? Thought I saw it at one point, but couldn't find it again. With all the spin hopping I've done, I could just be mistaken and need to download software for it I suppose.

Well, that's it for now, Deepin is still looking good and mostly working good, thanks @oberon

Evolution is definitely a problem, as well as the aforementioned bug that was found on Budgie, its added a new one to the mix, namely crashing, and crashing a lot. Back to T-bird and Lightning I guess, unless someone has a better suggestion.

System tray is still problematic with alerts that I can't figure out what to do with, and even a pop up from the upper left corner of the upper monitor, as if there was an actual tray there, though there isn't one visible.

Is Deepin really limited on settings, or have I just not figure out how to change things?
For example, I like double clicking on a title bar to minimize the window, but don't see a way to do that.

Installing Telegram was a little bit challenging this time (why can't I put a flag on this thread for that or Evolution?), standardly you download a compressed file in which there's an installer script that you execute. Here it fails to install or rather it becomes a headless app, running the script again brings it up where you left off, but it doesn't exist as a running or installed app. Solution is simply to install from the AUR, I used the -BIN IIRC as I don't know what the difference is, and it works and it is properly installed.

Is there a way to change how the system displays the date?
I prefer D/M/Y, but the system only displays traditional American M/D/Y with no apparent way to change that.

Just got the updates via the update manager, and of course had to re-dock Chromium, but what are you going to do, that's the Deepin way, and its not really that big of a deal, just a nuisance. Now to find out what if anything changed.

Dusts off the old thread. Yeah, I know, old, very very old, but very appropriate.

Ok, so what happened with the old Deepin run? Major issues running Telegram on it, and enough rough edges that it didn't suit me as a everyday distro.

What's changed? Two new computers, so the old beater laptop was set aside, which means I have a guinea pig to try new distros on. First shot was OpenBox, something I couldn't run successfully on the new laptop (prolly wouldn't've been hard, just not inspired to bother) and found it didn't really work for me. Nothing specific, just after a short time I realized I just didn't like it.

So, time to dig through the community builds... Hmm, Deepin, its been a while, and while it didn't work out for me the first time, there was plenty of potential, so lets give it another go...

Really nice, while I still have a few issues here and there, new and old, it feels a bit more polished. Deepin file manager is now the only file manager, and as it can sort by special characters, its one of my favorite file managers (Enlightenment's and Dolphin are two more).

Telegram is up and running, and appears to be working fine with Deepin now. Obviously time will tell, but so far so good unlike the last time (Telegram is my only IM so its important that it works)
App center still doesn't sort apps at least not in a way I can figure out
Trackpad scrolling is not only disabled after install, there's no easy way (read button in the control center to turn it on). Solved this which is important as parts of the control center run off the screen.
Boot is rather slow
Shut down results in a rather funny screen, looks like the same info I've seen on other builds, but instead of left justified, its spread across the screen
System tray is still confounding me, I'd expect click on it to see the reason for an alert, but nope, that doesn't work

Since this is on my spare computer its not getting a lot of use, but for what little I've done with it, I'm very impressed and need to spend more time with it.

just out of curiosity, what is the way you want? :slight_smile:
I had a similar issue with Nautilus, that it was mixing folders and files when (for example) I was choosing to sort them by modified date. (just to be clear, in other file managers /nemo, dolphin, thunar/ it first shows folders then files). But lately I figured out you can change it in the dconf editor and actually one can change a lot regarding how it sorts files and folders.

In this case its a matter of naming. A habit I developed over on OS X (Mac) was to name some folders •Stuff or ∆Things to force them to the top of the folder when sorted by name. Most Linux file managers ignore anything that isn't a letter or a number when it comes to sorting. Deepin is one of the few that doesn't, though its not really a surprise.

Ok, a little update (very little)

Haven't found a way to force the launcher to sort alphabetically, minor and all too common annoyance, what's with the Chinese and randomly sorting app drawers?
I wish the Dock had an OS X bounce or some other manner to show that an app is launching
Telegram is still working fine, which is a big deal considering how badly it worked last time
Started using Evolution as its the included client, but I figure I'll prolly manage to break it soon. It also seems to be an odd choice considering that its very tied in to Gnome. Oh, and Google identifies it as Safari, Apple's browser oddly
Discord is up and running too which is nice
Getting an error since the last update at boot, but aside from a very, very slow launch the first time after the update, everything seems to be working fine The error in question is unsupported machine acer_wm1 amw0_guid1 failed to load or something along those lines (can't write fast enough)
I like the Deepin icons, but wish there was a round version, I think it'd look better at least on the dock.

I do need to do more with this computer, but I have to say that I'm seriously considering replacing Xfce on my other computers with Deepin. Maybe I'll partition it onto one of them to continue testing it, as this computer sucks. Then again, considering how well the test is going on a crappy computer, it can only be better on a good computer.

Hmmm, Ok, we might have a deal breaker here, it'll depend on several things though. The problem is keychain issues, which first cropped up with Chromium. There it wasn't a big deal, sure, gotta sign back into Google everytime, but we weren't seeing any side effects of that, everything else stayed logged in, extras were still installed, minor nuisance. Now we're seeing a similar issue with Telegram, every time I run it I have to set it up again. Considering the previous Telegram issues, this is mildly worrisome, but still mostly annoying.

So, we have two things to figure out...
1• Is it exclusive to this computer? I am running on an old and crappy laptop after all
2• Can the keychain issue be fixed? Obviously I need to go hunting around here to see, and considering the underpinnings of Deepin I won't limit m'self to just Deepin threads.

Any how, depending on what happens with this, I may or may not switch from Xfce to Deepin.

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